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Meet Me!

Professional Hype Girl - Dog Whisper - Bravo Lover

Hello friends! As you can see, I am a photographer and graphic designer from Iowa but I will be relocating to Charleston, SC in the Fall of 2024.


I have been shooting since I was 16 years old. After high school, I decided to continue to grow my passion at Grand View University where I received a BA in Photography and Graphic Design in 2018. I have had some amazing opportunities over the years such as being the photographer for the Iowa Cubs for the 2016 & 2017 seasons.


In March 2020, I decided to expand my business (yes, a week before the world shut down) to focus more on weddings, families, and seniors. I love connecting with my clients and photographing them in their most natural state. Whether it is just updating family portraits or big life moments, I love being there to capture it.

During the day when a camera is not in my hand,  you will be able to find me hanging out at home with my lovely husband, Matt, and hyperactive Dalmatian pups, Winnie and Finn. More than likely with Taylor Swift or Harry Potter will be on in the background too.

I can't wait to connect with you and capture all the amazing moments of your life!

- Meghan

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Meet Matt

Husband - Dog Wrangler - Photography Assistant

Matt and I have been together since the summer before college. In the fall of 2014 when I started at Grand View, Matt began his college career down the road(or 27 stop lights away, but who is counting) at Simpson College. During our senior year, Matt popped the question and we were married in Mexico in 2019.

Matt tags along with me to a shoot every once in a while when I need a little assistance. Whether it is second shooting a wedding, getting dogs attention or just holding my bag, Matt is always up to help.

When I am not dragging Matt along to shoots, you can probably find him watching sports, studying for his latest class, or chasing our pups around the yard. 

Say hi to Matt on your next shoot!

Meghan & Matt Bradley: MEG Photography and Design Owner
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Why the Spots?

Winnie - Finn - Badger - Bucky​

Like a true millennial, my dogs are my children!


We got Winnie 4 years ago. Our patched princess loves apples, cuddles and protecting our yard from the mean squirrels. On a normal day you can find her sunbathing in my garden for hours between her hot laps around our yard.

Mr. Finn is a 3  year old and is a ball of energy! He loves stealing shoes, cuddling with his puppy dog stuffy and going after anything that his sister has. When he is not creating mayhem around out house, you can find him chilling on the coach crewing on a bone.

Back at my childhood home I grew up with 2 more amazing Dals, Badger and Bucky. These two loved treats, walks and long naps in sun spots.

Please enjoy all of the little touches of my spotted friends throughout my site.

Winnie: MEG Photography and Design
Bucky:  MEG Photography and Design
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