About Me!

Hi my name is Meghan Bradley and welcome to my site. I am a photographer and graphic designer based out of Des Moines, Iowa who has been serving clients since 2014


I have been shooting since I was 16 years old. After high school, I  decided to continue to grow my passion at Grand View University where I received a BA in Photography and Graphic Design in 2018. I have had some amazing opportunities over the years such as being the photographer for the Iowa Cubs for the 2016 & 2017 seasons.


This past year, I have decided to expand my business (yes, during a global pandemic) to focus more on weddings, families, seniors and couples. I love connecting with my clients and photographing them in their most natural state. Whether it is just updating family portraits or big life moments, I love being there to capture it.

During the day when a camera is not in my hand, I am a full time freshman admissions counselor at my Alma Mater where I get to help students find the perfect college for them. When I am not working (which feels like always), you will be able to find me hanging out at home with my lovely husband, Matt, and hyperactive Dalmatian pup, Winnie. More than likely which ever Real Housewives is in season will be on in the background too.

I can't wait to connect with you and capture all the amazing moments of your life!

- Meghan